Quality-focused, prize-winning technology that will

Increase your deep content engagement,
referral traffic, and conversion.

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Readefined can tell if your readers are paying attention,
how intensely, and why. Then it lets you take action.

REMIX plugin

Boost referrals and search, better than SEO.


A quality-driven social layer like no other.


Enjoy higher converting subscription prompts.


Dramatically increase participation.

and many more.

A.I. Draft Helper

Improve engagement before you even publish, based on your specific audience and intended outcomes.

Annotated Audience Replay

Not only do you get comprehensive data, you can see specific drop off points, media effectiveness, reaction points, and even replay engaged views.

Author, Editor, Stakeholder Digests

Helpful, efficient, pleasant updates that are tailored for each reader and their role.

Content Conversion Confidence

Want your content to convert to an outcome (subscription, purchase, etc)? Make sure it happens.

Engaged (Premium) Ads

Contextual, premium ads only seen by truly engaged users. 100% viewable, high intent, bot-free, with special offers. Powered by an easy, plug-and-play, self-serve interface. (Private Beta)

Sponsored Engagement Rewards

Flipping the advertising model. Earned, self-directed rewards instead of targeted ads.

Readefined is built for impact.

Boost performance
on-site and off-site
Unique, quality-first
participation features
Provides answers,
not analytics
Multiple new
revenue streams
Activates a more
invested community
Author, Editor, and
Stakeholder Digests
TRY FOR FREE PLATFORM WALK-THROUGH Your first month is free.

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