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This is the most helpful - and weirdly fascinating - platform I’ve ever used. I feel like I was wasting my time without it.

Terry, Blogger, New York

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Engaged Audience Replay

What if you could literally see how different types of readers consumed your content? Now you can. Find out if people are actually reading your content, and how.

Using Readefined’s proprietary attention-tracking technology, the Article Feedback tab allows you to see exactly where engaged readers were dropping off. It also identifies what parts of your content were effective or ineffective, and summarizes your audience’s active engagement.

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Quick Insights

Figuring out what’s going on with your traffic shouldn’t feel like you’re retaking high school math.

Readefined makes it extremely easy to find patterns and insights within your traffic - both real time (what’s happening now), and historically (everything until now). You simply define what you’re looking for, and Readefined will do the rest. No more cross-referencing charts or data sets with a million sub-menus.

Insights include identifying your most effective: time of day, word counts, media combinations, geographies, device types, and more.

Engaged User Hooks

Readefined makes it effortless to activate new, highly effective engagement features for your readers.

You choose what is required for the “hook” to be triggered (e.g. Focused Attention for 70% of an article), and Readefined will make it happen.

Best of all, actions taken through the Hooks are neatly summarized in your Article Feedback and Email Digest.

Learn more about a couple of the most powerful Hooks through the Troll Filter explainer, and Triple SEO Boost explainer.

Troll Filter

Don’t let readers comment until they’ve actually read your content.

Using Readefined’s proprietary attention-tracking technology, it’s possible to easily and automatically hide/unhide your comments section based on a user’s attentiveness.

This significantly reduces the number of knee-jerk, uninformed commentary you’ll experience on your content.

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Engaged Ads

Want to make more money? Don’t want to pollute your site with low quality advertisers? You can use Readefined to activate Engagement-based Ad campaigns that are all about quality.

Engaged Display ads are relevant advertisements that are only shown to the most engaged users of certain topics. Use the words “100% viewability, bot-free, and high intent” with your advertisers to see them drool.

Engaged Native ads are sponsored articles where you charge by engagement instead of clicks. Why? Quality content should make more money than quantity content.

A.I. Draft Helper

What if you could know what will make your content succeed before you even publish? That’s where the powerful A.I. Draft Helper comes in.

Once you’ve been using Readefined for at least a month (depending on your traffic, it can take longer), the A.I. Draft Helper can identify all the subtle patterns that have made similar content succeed for similar intended outcomes. It’s like a crystal ball for content success.

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Triple SEO Boost

Keyword analysis is the most basic level of SEO optimizations. Readefined helps you with that as part of the A.I. Draft Helper. ( 1 )

The real boost in SEO, though, happens when you boost engagement. That’s what’s at the heart Google’s Page Rank, and that’s what Readefined helps you do using A.I. draft suggestions, and the Engaged User Hooks. ( 2 )

Most important of all? The Remix option in the Engaged User Hooks helps your audience create many organic link backs that turbocharge your search performance and visibility. ( 3 ) You can’t get an SEO boost like this anywhere else.

Author Showcase

We help you look awesome, and keep you effortlessly updated along the way.

Readefined uses your author data to pinpoint your strengths and tendencies, and auto-generates a shareable portfolio page where you can show off your best work.

Best of all, you can turn on Author Digests, which breaks down all of the most important insights from your traffic into a single email, and sends them straight to your inbox (daily or weekly, it’s your choice). It’s the easiest, least time consuming way to stay on top of how readers are viewing and engaging with your content.

Media Helper

Research shows that images help attract and retain attention on content. It’s also widely known that finding the right photo or GIF can be extremely time consuming. Readefined makes it faster and easier, instead.

In the A.I. Draft Helper, the Suggested Media section is powered by our Unified Image Engine, allowing you to quickly find the right media for your post, centralizing and scouring the world’s top media databases for you.

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