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Significantly increase visitor engagement, find out how people actually pay attention to your posts, and much more.

Get reactions in countless new ways.

Why limit your audience? Increase feedback from your visitors with the media feedback bar, emoji bar, quizzes, and much more - all while filtering out trolls.

Replay your audience, see what's working best.

Readefined’s industry-leading attention-tracking technology lets you literally see how your users engaged with your posts, and why.

Superior insights, straight to your inbox.

Figuring out your blog’s performance shouldn’t feel like you’re retaking high school math. Readefined gives you more perspectives, more clearly, than any other platform.

... and much more.

Award-winning technology

Readefined is backed by world-leading initiatives.

Site Spotlight

Figuring out what’s going on with your traffic shouldn’t feel like you’re retaking high school math.

Readefined makes it extremely easy to find patterns and insights within your traffic - both real time (what’s happening now), and historically (everything until now).

You simply define what you’re looking for, and Readefined will do the rest. No more cross-referencing charts or data sets with a million sub-menus.

Your Profile

Readefined uses all your data to help you look awesome.

The platform highlights your strengths and tendencies, and auto-generates a shareable portfolio page where you can show off your best work alongside, including your most reacted-to articles.

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Goal Tracker

Blogging is important to you - so we thought it would be important to help you achieve your goals.

The Goal Tracking tab lets you assign monthly targets, which the platform then continously tracks against. These goals are automatically recapped in the email digests the platform sends straight to your inbox.

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Engaged Ads

Want to make more money? Don’t want to pollute your site with low quality advertisers? You can use Readefined to activate Engagement-based Ad campaigns that are all about quality.

Engaged Display ads are relevant advertisements that are only shown to the most engaged users of certain topics. Use the words “100% viewability, bot-free, and high intent” with advertisers to see them drool.

Engaged Native ads are sponsored articles where you charge by engagement instead of clicks. Why? Quality content should make more money than quantity content.

A.I. Draft Helper

What if you could know what will make your content succeed before you even publish? That’s where the powerful A.I. Draft Helper comes in.

Once you’ve been using Readefined for at least a month (depending on your traffic, it can take longer), the A.I. Draft Helper can identify all the subtle patterns that have made similar content succeed for similar intended outcomes. It’s like a crystal ball for content success.

Media Helper

Research shows that images help attract and retain attention on content. It’s also widely known that finding the right photo or GIF can be extremely time consuming. Readefined makes it faster and easier, instead.

In the A.I. Draft Helper, the Suggested Media section is powered by our Unified Image Engine, allowing you to quickly find the right media for your post, centralizing and scouring the world’s top media databases for you.

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